We are creating a name together that we will take on for each other a shining symbol of our transformation and our love. Together we chose the name Zardoz, the meaning of which will be created by the content of our lives together. We will hold to each other to create a new world. With this name we announce to the world that we have now both changed forever, our undying love, and our unending commitment to each other.

This name arose between us, but a piece of who we are comes from everyone reading this, and for each experience we have had apart from each other and those we have shared together. Who we are comes from our families, from our childhoods, from our friends, careers, passions, and from our children. We are stepping together into a new world, a world which we will create together. A world that was inspired in some way by each interaction we've shared together and apart, it has arisen from everything we are we will become. 


March 7, 2020



Featuring Dinner, Dancing, and Merrymaking


Scottish Rite

332 E 1st St N, Wichita, KS 67202

Parking in the attached lot or on the street

We will have beer provided free for our guests. A cash bar with wine and cockatails will be available.


We are honored that you will be joining us for this special day where we will commit ourselves to each other for known time and beyond.  We are planning a day of joyful celebration and ceremony that will be the center of gravity that ripples out throughout the rest of our lives. 

This event is as much a gift to each other as it is to you, our dear friends and family. 

In lieu of gifts, we are accepting donations to pay for the event. Anything that exceeds the cost of the wedding will go towards our honeymoon and home improvements. 

Thank you for your presence in our lives, we appreciate you!

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