what we do.

We do a little bit of everything. But here are a few choice samples of what we find ourselves doing most often.


Design is everything we make and everywhere we go. Every piece of communication and every interaction with your customers has a design. Let's make it count.

live events

Get in front of your audience with an in person event. We can organize, promote and manage events and occasions of any size.


Video, photo, or audio. You tell us where and when, we'll capture, edit and deliver.


Websites, social media, print marketing, press – when you engage with your audience and customers you tell them a story. What will yours be?

who we are.

We are the family Zardoz. Tereza and Matthew. We are artists who love to share and support. We have learned to build brands by bulding our own within a community, and after learning how to communicate in the modern noisy era with a diverse array of audiences, we want to share those skills with you to amplify your story.

Tell us about you, your comapny & how we can help.




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